Saturday, 12 April 2014

Debut Title launching soon: Cannon Shot (Free games! :) )

Launch Date

A provisional launch date has been set:

Our first title, Cannon shot, is a simple, free game where the aim is to fire a cannon ball over a wall to hit a target.  You build up the power of your shot, aim the cannon, adjust your aim based on the wind speed and direction, and then FIRE that cannon!

You score based on which target you hit, and add to this score a height bonus. If you hit the target, you get another go, and you increase your score.  If you miss, your score resets to zero.

Social Features

A number free games include Facebook integration to allow interaction with friends to make a game a fun social experience.  This game follows that trend: You can login to Facebook and invite your friends to play, as well as posting your high score when you beat your current one, and also your score for each go if you achieve a particularly high score for a single go, and you want to let your friends know about it :)

High Scores
In addition, there is a global high score chart viewable in game, and also at the official game page which is reachable from the high score screen within the game itself :) Cool or what!?  You can try to become the world number 1 at Cannon Shot! :)

So wait in anticipation of the launch date :)