Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dev update

Dev tools

Unity 3d makes life so much easier if you want to target multiple platforms. My first game, Cannon Shot, is now on Google Play and Window Phone 8 store.  

I am now in the process of porting it to Unity Web Player so I can embed the game in my website. For free games I will embed them and use Google AdSense to display ads to hopefully still gain some revenue.

Cannon Shot needs a few updates as well as porting to web player, but I get some mad errors when I switch to Android Platform.  I think it is due to some WP8 Code that I haven't #if'd out. But can't find it yet.

Aiming to release to IOS in early August too!

Game #2

My second game, based on a unity starter project, is almost complete, just need to add some audio, create all the menu, and App Store art work.

Aiming for an early august release for Android, WP8, Web Player, and IOS.

The Future

Well my production schedule is growing rapidly as I come up with more game ideas.  I plan to have five smaller games out by the end of the year, and then begin a larger title that should out by the end of 2015...

Stay tuned for the next release... :)